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This is only a partial listing of potentially available used inventory.  Please call us for more accurate availability.
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22mm stud Dexter 15k
Our Price: $5.00

Taken off of new axle assemblies drive in stud 22mm x 1.5" diameter by 3.94" long
Fits Dexter 15k drum
NEW Dexter 7,000 lb Axle Beam only 58"SC by 76"HF  #110052
NEW Dexter 7,000 lb Axle Beam only 58"SC by 75"HF
List Price: $160.00
Our Price: $75.00
Savings: $85.00

Brand new 7,000 lb Dexter Axle Beams Only at a Huge discount
Overstock of beams and these need to go! They are below normal purchasing price
When these beams are gone they are gone!
Axle includes the nuts and retainers \
Includes 5 Bolt flange for hydraulic drum,electric or Disc brakes
Has Grease serts on the ends for easy lubrication

Manufacture : Dexter Axles
Size: 7,000 lb w/ 42 Spindles
Hubface: 75"
Spring Center : 58"
Tube specs : 3" OD x Mediam Wall
Hub Pilot Size : 4.75"
Lubrication : EZ lube
Made in the USA

16" Tandem Dual Aluminum Spoke Rim 4.75" Pilot (DAMAGED IN SHIPPING))
Our Price: $105.00

Scratched Aluminum spoke wheel with black accents (damaged in shipping)
One of the few rims that fit a 4.75" pilot
Hub piloted and uses wide flange nuts.
Fits all 9,000-12,000 Dexter axles
Fits all 9,000-12,000 Al-ko axles with 4.75" pilot
HD 12K Alko hydraulic Disc Trailer Axles w/ Springs   110353
NEW HD 12K Alko hydraulic Disc Trailer Axles w/ Springs
List Price: $2,050.00
Our Price: $1,250.00
Savings: $800.00

Brand new 12,000 lb Al-ko Hydraulic Disc brake axles at a Huge discount
Overstock of Axles and these need to go below normal purchasing price
Axle are brand new never used but may show some signs of weather and light surface rust
Axle comes complete with U bolts and 6 leaf Springs
Superior braking power to a electric brakes
When these Axles are gone they are Gone!

Manufacture : Al-ko by Dexter Axles
Size: 12,000 lb HD axle
Hubface: 74"
Spring Center : 46"
Spring specs : 2-1/2" Wide 6 leaf and 32.5" long
Spring weight rating: 6,000 lbs
Hub Pilot Size : 4.75"
Type : Hydraulic disc
Lubrication : Oil Bath

Please call for a Freight Quote !

2016 PJ 30' galvanized gooseneck tiltbed, 8K axles, 18K winch, hyd brakes
Our Price: $15,000.00
Please call for more information.

PJ 30' HD Deckover Tilt
HD Deckover Tilt (T9)
GN 2 5/16" Round (25,000 lb.) w/ Toolbox
(2) 8,000 lb Oil Bath Dexter Axles - 215/75R17.5 Singles
Elec/Hyd Disc Brakes (1,600 PSI Pump)
24' Tilt deck
19 lb. I-Beam Main Frame, Riser & Neck
Deck on the Neck (102" Wide 96" Long)
Roller on Front of Deck for Winch Cable
HD 25k Jost 2x Jacks
24 Extra Side Marker Lights, 12 Per Side
Under Frame Spare Tire and Mount
Top Riser Toolbox
SuperWinch Talon 18k w/ HD Plate